I kept her rose ( My valentine story and some of my thoughts about valentine.

      Hey guys! Hope you all are good. So it’s valentine’s day or saint valentine or the feast of saint valentine. I hope the other names didn’t sound strange. Because if traced back to how it started with the western Christian Church those were some names affiliated with it. What shouldn’t also be strange is that today’s celebration in some places have different dates and some interesting stories as well. But we aren’t here to discuss it’s history, we all have google. But I think one thing that has stood out about valentine’s day and has evolved over the ages is it’s significance. And that is today being the day to celebrate love, care, affection and romance. So as today approached, I have been seeing all the pre valentine posts, wishes, traders wanting to cash out with discounted sales, and all the lovey dovey stuff. So I have been thinking about a few stuff. More of questions I have been asking myself which I intend to share or ask. Please permit me to bother y’all a bit. But before I get to it, let me apologize in advance incase i get anyone upset with my gist or any of my queries today, I am sorry.

You know on some days I pick up my phone and go online and see sweet pictures of couples doing their thing and having their moment. Then comes the reposting with heart emoji’s, blushing and captions like “Awww” , “beautiful” , “God when” and the rest. So here is my first question how do y’all go from all that to men are trash and girls are whatever they call them? This is me just being petty and throwing shades I guess what I really want to know is why we want to select? Let’s take an instance. I have never really been much of a fan of motivational speakers but i think sometimes you’ll have to admit that their words can slap some sense or inspiration into you. They’ll tell you in life in any situation you’re in take the positives and leave the negatives. So why is it that in relationships that is never the case mostly? Why are we more focused on the negatives in a relationship? They’ll also tell you that for you to get something or achieve a goal you have to go through some work or challenges as the case may be. So I ask again why is it that when it comes to relationships people don’t understand it has its shortcomings and struggles? I don’t know if you get what I mean? I have come to understand and I might be wrong but you can’t fully understand what it means to be with someone if you haven’t experienced some kind of pain or challenges being with that person or anyone else. And as much as we want to throw ourselves in our various activities, work and the rest. Deep down we all want to have someone who we can confide in, who we can make sweet memories with, who we can share our wins and losses with, who we wish can have our backs totally and just be there for us. Anyways, don’t spend another valentines day playing video games, watching movies, eating popcorn and sipping Coca Cola whilst sulking and feeling pity for yourself because you wish to be somewhere or with someone. If that is what your heart wants go for it. If you want to be like us whose plans for tomorrow are those activities I mentioned, do it because that is what you want to do. Do it because that is what you choose to do with no regrets. And if you feel you want more then go out. And don’t settle for less in that relationship. Spend sometime with your loved ones, exchange nice gifts, drink good wines, make good networks and have fun. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a day for just couples. It’s a day to celebrate love and we all have people we love. There’s no fun in being alone. Even the bible says everyone needs a companion.

I know you wondering how this connects to my title today so let’s take a paragraph and talk about it. So the last and only time I have ever had a val was 2015. I got a her this beautiful frame and she got me a rose and yeah I kept it. The actual rose. It was a lot finer then. She’s a chef now. Thinking about it now I don’t think I ever told her about how I felt at the time or told her face to face I guess she figured from my actions or little gossips from around . But take this from me if you meet someone you like please tell him/her don’t be like me. Gather up some courage and approach them. It’s either a yes or a no, it won’t hurt. And also please don’t waste anyone’s time. Let your real intentions be known. If you were expecting one cozy and sweet story i’m sorry but it was really a beautiful day.

So back to my unanswered questions. I still don’t have the answers. I hope to get them from y’all. But i’m quite aware of what is going in the world today or this side(Nigeria). I’m not naive. I know of some of the disgusting stories we hear about relationships and even the really unspeakable ones. But today is valentine’s day. Today we get to celebrate the beautiful ones. We are still going to hear about the husband who tried to get married to his side chick unknowingly to his wife or how an artist performed at some weddings in Abuja and a lady got to know it’s the wedding of her long time partner. That beautiful girl you know will still make a move on that guy because he’s rich or the guy will still make a move on her just to get in her knickers. They are still going to call men scum and ladies all the names they want to. I don’t think it’s going to change and I don’t think anyone has the perfect answer for why men cheat. Even if an answer comes up today nobody will believe or want to hear it.

So let’s take the day after valentine’s day and the rest of the year to worry about the negatives in relationships. Today we celebrate the positives. Today will look at the likes of Olu Jacobs & Joke silva, Dolly Parton & Carl Thomas dean, Joe Biden & Jill Jacobs( if you know his story you’ll now why I mentioned his name), our older siblings that are hitched, that beautiful couple in your church, that lovely couple in your street, our parents. Today we get to celebrate the ones who made it work and who are trying to make it work. Because at the end of the day “Love is worth it “.

M ❤.

Thank you for stopping by. I apologize if my questions offended you or if this peice was too lengthy. I hope you enjoyed reading as I did writing. Please leave me a comment, give me some answers to my questions. Finally repost and share my work.✌



As much as I would have loved to have come up with the perfect title for this, trust me whatever ends up being the title wasn't the initial one. Putting a title on this piece went through some thinking, clearing and changing. I apologize in advance for however this piece turns out to be because in my head right now, writing these thoughts don't follow.

So Ruona hits me up (that's my editor, one of the two) and she says she misses editing my work and asks what has been going on with me as per writing. We talked about some stuff (not to bore you with them) and she advised in her words "just start".

So here's what's up. The idea of having a blog was just to share my thoughts, some of them like I'd say and for the past couple of months, I’ve been thinking a lot. Looking at me you wouldn't know but in my head, a lot was going on. Is it the fact that in exactly two months from now would make it a year that I've missed school or the thought of where my life is headed and the projection of it seeing that I'm supposed to be a graduate by now and how the educational system in my country is messed up? Is it also the fact that I think about money and what I could do with it way too much now? It's like I'm in love because for the past couple of months, when I closed my eyes all I could see were figures and calculations and more times not even in my country's currency. I would also love to know if this is just me but does it seem like sometimes your head goes into a debate and the arguments are "hey you, you don't know time is going ehn, you don't know you have to be up and pushing and make something of yourself, get yourself together". And still, in your head, the other argument is " hey you chill oh, you're still very young and have a lot of life to live and you've got some time". So here is my question. How do you balance this? The day after new year I was talking to my mum and she joked about why I didn't call on the 1st. I told her probably because I was thinking about money and she says " You too" and I said, "Yes oh, me too". She laughed. And she encouraged, advised, and blessed me. Mehn! I love my mom oh! My peace of mind in human form. But I guess my mind doesn't want to get used to the stereotype or belief or saying "Money no dey oh". Inside me, something has always rebelled anytime I hear it.

Those couple of months I think in November I went offline totally. Like I deleted some apps for real including WhatsApp(I'm not saying you should lol). I just needed to clear my head. I loosened up when I needed to. I was in the capital so you can imagine the kind of flex I flexed. There was music and strolling when I needed it. I experienced something truly profound and couldn't let the thoughts of how I felt about her go to waste. Don't ask. So I tried my hands on some new stuff, poetry, and lyrics inspired by her. I can't share because the plan is to make money from it, hopefully. And of course, I prayed.

Thank you for stopping by once more.please do live a comment and tell me what you think of this.And irrespective of how 2020 was,let's keep our hope,faith and dreams alive. Happy new year.


The Joys of Childhood

Hey guys! Hope everyone is doing good? So people usually ask me questions like this: What do you write about? Are you a poet?

The other day I got a call and the caller said to me that I should diversify. That I should write about different things. I think he meant societal, entertainment, business and maybe sports. Hmm! As for answers, I’m not a poet, I don’t even think I’m anything close to that but I have a genuine weakness and utmost love for poetry. And what I write about is basically just my thoughts. Obviously I can’t write about all of them but they are some stuff I just love to put down and some I want to share. So in essence I’m articulating my random thoughts. Life is journey and as I am moving and doing this, I’m trying to learn. I’m not studying literature nor taking any course in any aspect of literature. Sometimes I give my editors a real knack in head (lol) but writing is something I’m falling in love with everyday and as for diversifying we’ll get there, gradually.

Two nights ago I was sleeping and my mind flashed back to a younger self of me playing in the rain. You better not laugh; we all did. They were good memories that I enjoyed. And just last night I saw my younger self drawing this car. Don’t worry my niece already told me I drew rubbish. “uncle meru you don’t know how to draw a car” she said.

Back to my flashback. This time I woke up and smiled. It’s not that I could pin point exactly the time or even the age that I drew it or I was playing in the rain. But I know that there was a time in my life I did draw that type of car with some other horrible drawings and also played in the rain. So I thought to myself to write about it. Relive some childhood memories and most importantly connect it to us as adults and some issues we go through daily.

One of the joys of childhood you would agree that it is getting all they require or most of all they require. For a child their basic needs are being handed to them by their parents, people who cater for them or are responsible for them as the case maybe. I’m not naive, I know what is going on in the world today. I know not all children get as much as they require. I know they are less privileged children in some countries today, I know. But the point am trying to get to you is that the child don’t come with the consciousness that “I won’t get all I want” . They are not responsible for themselves. As their brought into the world they are being catered for.

Think about this. I will tell you some issues and challenges young adults or adults struggle with today in the world. Money, the need to succeed, peer pressure, relationships, heart break, depression, sexual activities, unemployment and so on. I believe we all know what they mean. If not grab a dictionary or google (lol), just kidding. Some of us might even have experienced or are currently experiencing one of all these factors mentioned. God is with us, Amen. But what I’m trying to say is that for a child, he/she is not worried or curious about any of this. You can’t be worried about nothing you have no knowledge about. They don’t care about those stuff. What they care about is playing around, having fun with friends, eating ice creams, eating biscuits and good food, reciting their rhymes, going to school, dragging the remote control with adults (lol) and we would agree that all these activities are relaxing. They bring a lot of peace of mind to you. Sometimes I look at my nieces, so much love and peace revolving in their world. No wonder Jesus calls them the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. (Mathew 18 vs 1-5)

When I was a child we were indoors a lot sneaking out to play when our parents left for work or just went out. I will never forget how we would dash inside with full speed at the site of daddy’s car. Sometimes seeing my mum coming back from work we could handle that, you know how mum’s are or should I say how my mum is. We would play gamebox, hot cake with the heavy and hot slaps attached to it, the races, football (this one is till thy kingdom comes), suwe (this one we drew lines on soil and limped on it, kicking and throwing objects), those stupid plays and dramas we acted in our rooms, hide and seek, cover beer (those games played with the covers of bottled drinks like soccer and the rest), who could forget war start. All the outings, picnics and visitations. One of my guys said passing exams without reading (lol). Mehn! Childhood was sweet, as sweet as sugar.

And adulthood isn’t always easy, true. But it is also sweet. Maybe not as sugary as childhood, maybe more like honey but it is sweet. Eventually I know children would grow to be adults someday and be handed the big box of adulthood and all its attributes. But today I got to relive some childhood memories and I’m glad that I did.

Time to go play with my niece with what’s left of the energy from writing this and trust me she will be down for it, her mind won’t even cross why I’m this hyped.

❤ M.

Thank y’all for stopping by and do live a comment. Let me know some of these childhood games and memories that is coming to you right now.


My people my people! How are you all doing? I hope everyone is doing good? If I haven’t checked on you in this imposed break the pandemic has given to us, then I’m sorry. Consider this being me checking up on you. I would also have to apologize for not putting up a post in a while. I know it may seem like inconsistency or being lazy. But the truth is I write everyday or I try to. Sometimes, just a line or more. If you were to hold my phone and go through notes you’ll definitely get tired of scrolling. That is if you can get pass the locks (lol). Just too many stuff that I don’t even know what most are. I’m figuring it out though and trust me, it’s not everything I deem to be blog worthy. Some stuff I put down might just be too corny for your taste, too personal or just my insipid banters and I have no desire to bore you with any of those. So, I’m sorry. But I plan to keep us busy this month. Anyways enough of this boring talk. Can I disturb y’all just a little? Yeah, I’d get right to it.

Insecurities, hmm! A lot of things might to come to play in our minds when we think of insecurities maybe what I’m writing down today might not even be what you think it is or what you can relate to but I trust you would be able to comprehend some part of it. I hope so.

So basically insecurity is a lack of security. Insecurities are states when you are uncertain or not confident enough in yourself. We all know this already. But do you know or since we are all learning, let me rephrase, do you think insecurities can come in little things like one’s body, one’s ideas, skill? I will give you a random example; I would personalize it. Let’s say I have this slim or fat friend and maybe once in a while I like body shaming them or insulting them about how their bodies are. We are having an argument and I use it to gain points. Do you think that sometimes maybe not exactly this scenerio that I put it, that they may feel insecure about it? if it was me, I think I will. How insecurities come in here is that this friend might get home and start having this doubts in themselves. Probably start seeing themselves not for the beautiful beings they are but what they imagine their bodies to be like. Some may result to comparison amongst peers. Social media sometimes is just a no go area for this kind of insecurity. Before you see hot and steamy models with nice physique and banging bodies. I for one want broad shoulders, arms and all that stuff but my love for food will beat that wish everytime (lol). So try and lighten up.

Generally, I think one can be insecure about their bodies. I don’t know if you get me?

Okay, let me give another instance. This is something I can relate to, I’m past it now though. Let’s say you have an idea, a skill or a talent. You can sing, draw, paint even write whichever or how little it might be. Sometimes insecurities are the reasons some ideas stay just as an idea. Firstly, it might just be our personal insecurities. When you are just uncertain or feel you aren’t good enough. As much as we like throwing tantrums and blaming others, insecurities are first a personal issue. I don’t know about you but that’s just my personal opinion about the subject. So when you start having this doubts that idea might just end up an idea because of certain insecurities or for maybe different reasons as well maybe funds. That’s why sometimes we need lots of encouragement, the right motivation, positive influence and energy and that’s why a lot of persons beat this.
Secondly, in the aspect of developing that idea, that skill. There’s that smart ass always pulling you down maybe intentionally or unintentionally. Don’t get me wrong it is inevitable that in this process you might face different challenges not relating to insecurities, right. But other than self doubts it is just something else when an acquaintance or friend of yours come and says “you wan go write all those your ‘yeye’ stuff again” (lol) or in other cases, “he or she is just not good enough”, “he or she sings horribly”, “he has a terrible voice” , “dude can’t even paint properly”, “I do this better him/her” and so on that I can go on. This part can bring uncertainty or self doubts. it can hurt coming from a Friend.

PS: If I tell that my friend he said the ‘yeye’ writing to me, I don’t think he would believe or recall because he’s such a fan now. So lovelies let’s keep our dreams alive.

If you have read up to this point, Ahh! You really do love me. Thank you and I love you too.

Finally, insecurities in relationships. Gbam! (lol). The funny thing is when I thought about writing this, this was how it started. it was the first thing that came to my mind but I’m well aware of the other points i wrote about. I think they are even more reasons for insecurities. The subject seems broad and vague. But as I started writing, there was no way I couldn’t write about those, it just flowed. As for my friends expecting gist (lol). I have little knowledge or experience in this area. But I think it’s probably when babe or baby or maybe just a friend that is probably sending chills to your body is directing a certain amount of uncalled or unsuitable energy as you might feel to someone else, “abi🤔” . I don’t know oh. I’m single so what do I know. But personally, my opinion oh, I think in a relationship nobody should be worth (maybe worth is too strong a word but try get the point ) getting insecure about or losing your wits for. But wait before you attack me. I know that isn’t the case most times because the heart is the heart, It hardly ever listens to head. 90% of the time emotions will always beat logic. I won’t be writing about this if I haven’t felt like this before. But I believe feelings or emotions at some stage can be controlled or handled better. Anyways still on the matter, I really don’t know.

A smart lady once told me; when you love someone so much and have spent so much time with that person. You do literally everything, the little and the big together with this person, y’all are basically all over each other and you see the person directing that attention or energy towards someone else. Sometimes you just can’t help, it will sting.

So, my people my people I hope y’all enjoyed reading this. If you read a bit, you read half and mostly if you read all, I know it’s quite lengthy. Thank you so so much. If you can relate to certain part of this, please lighten up and let’s keep our dreams alive.

M ❤.

PS: Don’t forget to live a comment. Infact, leave a comment. This is too interesting not to do so. I would love to know how y’all handle your insecurities?
Stay safe y’all.


Hey guys! how are y’all? it’s been a while. Hope you guys are doing great, isolating, staying indoors and sanitizing.I just wanted to share some thoughts with y’all so let’s get down to it.

What are your thoughts about dreams? Mind you, I don’t mean the scary ones you see at night whilst you’re asleep or the ones where you’re flirting with a crush you will never talk to (lol). I mean your dreams about your achievements and things you would want to accomplish as you keep growing in life. Maybe another time we will talk about that crush of yours that you seriously need to talk to but right now, let’s delve into something else. I will share some conversations I have had with some folks and friends of mine for some time now. But before that I would want to ask, what’s your thought about dreams? basically should your dreams scare you?

So, I had this conversation with a friend of mine and she told me about how she broke down in the loo, crying. I asked why and she told me she was scared of her dreams and that anxiety just got a hold of her and she couldn’t hold the tears back. But I understood her point of view, where she was coming from. She had quite a lot of things to say about her achievements. She mentioned a few things she would want to do, how she would want to be so successful as a result of hard work and all this accomplished at an early age and to live a life of ease where she would never have to work too much or be stressed with work. As a result of those early hard working days and her success (I don’t know if you get me). But the question remained that she was anxious about those dreams and the process it will take to get to that place of rest she wants.

In another conversation I had with another friend, She talked about how she would want to have her own foundation where she would be of help to young people and the society, training and supplying basic needs for them.

”I want to go into interior designing and own event centers”. ”Mind blowing events centers” she called it where top members of the society, Politicians, generally rich folks get hitched or get their children hitched. She said if any major wedding or major event was to be held in the country then it definitely was her services that would be hired to handle the decoration. Yeah, big dreams!

This is another conversation I had with another Friend. This conversation came from a place of boldness. She spoke to me with so much courage and assurance. I envied how bold she was as we kept gisting. It was as if she was sure these things were waiting for her to come accomplish them, Dreams.

I don’t know what it is with Canada or about Canada that people just want to go there. My guy says he is saving up to go to Canada. He is an animator, a content creator and designer. He says he sees himself going to Canada and smashing a lot of opportunities waiting there. And then there is the nurse, a registered nurse I must add. She sees herself and her career going to Canada. She talks about taking her practice there. According to her, nurses are very well appreciated overseas and of course well paid.

Finally, there is the aspiring politician. I asked him one time what kind of a politician he wanted to be, the good one or the bad one? He said to me, ”my brother, there are no good politicians. I laughed hard.

But honestly, when I think about my own dreams, the places I want to be and the things I want to achieve as I grow, sometimes I get anxious. Anxious about other things that might come to play as distractions, anxious about the process. But mostly anxious about how big they are. Right now it seems to me like my dreams are beyond me. But I see it as if I can have those dreams, then I can be those dreams. And the answer to the question should your dreams scare you? for me, Yeah it’s possible. if your dreams don’t scare you or atleast make you anxious then I don’t know. Dream some more, sorry. But when that scare comes, when that fear comes. I draw strength from inspiration, inspiration from the Successful ones. And when it tries to get overwhelming, I draw strength from faith. Faith in God. My Faith over fears.


If you got to the end, thank you. If you skipped some part, thank you. Thank you so much. Please I would love if you could use the comment box. Just share your thoughts with me about dreams.Remember to stay indoors and stay safe!

Moonlight, sunshine and sparkle

It was all jollification and celebration as she rounded up that chapter of her life. Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (lautech) was a vehicle she boarded 5 years back and finally, she had gotten to her destination. She was a graduate and it brought so much joy and happiness to her, her family, her friends and loved ones. There was no slowing down for her and she wanted to quickly move onto the next chapter of life. She had applied for the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) to oblige to her nations call of service for one year. As fate would have it, it would not just be a service to her country but a service to meet love and happiness coming her way.

In July the 7th month, 7 the number of completeness (as folks would say the day of rest), If she had received a premonition earlier stating she would find completeness and rest literally in human form that period of her life, I wonder what her thoughts would have been like. She entered Obafemi Awolowo University as she was posted there for work and as the days went by carrying out her service, on this faithful day the head of the department introduced them to the students undergoing their doctorate of philosophy degree in her field of study, Human Anatomy. And as she walked around exchanging hellos and sipping her coke, a young and handsome looking bloke with his dope polo shirt, baggy jeans and snickers approached her. As he got closer, he stretched out his hands for an introduction and names were exchanged. He was not your regular big guy with biceps and all but he looked good and was okay.

As the weeks went by, they would greet and exchange more hellos, winks, smiles and eye signals. It is known that the eyes are mainly used for sight but between them, their eyes played much more role than just sight. A lot of indirect messages were sent, some mouth watering telepathic signals, indeed something beautiful was cooking up and in one of their run ins, contacts were exchanged and there were more conversations between them. She was getting fond of him, what was there not to like about him? He was good looking, he was kind, he was very intelligent and hard working and even with all of his enormous work he’d always make time for her and generally, she had a thing for good boys. She was totally into him and there was nothing like the name’s he called her – ”My
sunshine”. How serenading the sound of his voice calling her that, such unique, vulnerable and safe feeling all at once.
On the other hand, who wouldn’t want her? She was smart, funny, intelligent, hard working and always happy with all of her liveliness. She was top notch, she said to herself. All that was left to say were his intentions towards her and she was sure of what she wanted.
Soon, they hit things off but it was on that fateful day at Spice restaurant at the university, he had called for them to go on a lunch date, admist all the sweet little nothings, flirtations, a lot of smiles and
laughters it was this words he used, in all of their life together that she would never forget. As they sat directly opposite each other, he looked at her consciously and with all seriousness and said “Kaffy, I don’t fall in love like the usual individual does, I grow in love and if you give us a chance I would love to grow in love with you”. Wow! Yeah, she was astonished. What sort of line was that? Who in the world would ask someone for commitment in such manner? As surprised as she was, it was sweet, she felt safe in those words that she could do.
As months went to years and issues and complications hit them from all sides, I wonder what she was more unsure off, the complications they had personally, that line he used or even parental issues, his dad wondered why he wanted to get hitched to a Yoruba lady. What in the world, she thought.

I can remember she said to me as I wrote, how charming ‘my moonlight’ Looked (Yeah, he wasn’t the only one good with names), I carefully did my own research to come up with that name (lol), With his clean cut, His dashing suit with baggy trousers (lol), His big grin and more of those telepathic eye signals filled with love and joy, and her smile as he recited his vows, for little whole me to be his wife, to have and to hold me, for better, for worse, in riches and
riches (winks, quite frankly I haven’t seen them poor), in sickness and in health, for the rest of our lives, He said. By now she was more sure of what she wanted, not a doubt, they had grown and were growing in love, with both parents and families by their side. It was indeed a day of rib cracking laughters, bliss and a whole lot of attire changing.

Sunshine, Moonlight, So many lights and after a year, Still in July the 7th month, it was time for those lights to spread. it was time for their light to Sparkle.

💝. M .

Hey y’all, happy Valentine’s, I hope y’all enjoyed reading as I did writing. And also I hope your Valentine is going way better than mine. Don’t forget to live a comment, Thank you.

Life is sweet

Firstly, I apologize for not putting up any new articles on my blog in a while. I’m sincerely sorry. I had one hell of a semester with exams and all, which was successful by the way and for the two that were somehow, I know when the lecturer is marking, He’ll only see excellence (winks). I am currently resting at the bosom of my sweet Sister who cooks delicious meals. Shout out to Mama Sparkle!!

One of the reasons I had the inspiration for this topic, Life is sweet is that for the past couple of months, I’ve consciously noticed myself using the phrase. I’m yet to figure out where or how it came about but anytime I just think of all the challenges or events I might be going through at that period, I always notice my self using the phrase ”life is sweet”, meaning that no matter what, I will always come out of that situation or challenge I’m going through successfully or just come out of eventually. I think about some special moments and events I have experienced this past year and indeed, life is sweet.

I think about God’s unconditional and everlasting love for me, His forgiving nature, His provisions, His protection, His guidance, His outpouring strength to me on a daily basis and how this affects everyone connected to me and I just feel and know that indeed, life is sweet. God has made it sweet and for every reason that comes after this, it’s all Connected to God’s grace.

I think about the beautiful and loving family I have, My parents, My siblings, My nieces and nephew, I think about the joy they bring into my life, I think about my persistent and monthly disturbance to them, If you know, And how they responded, I can only hope and wonder what the future has in store for us which I know is only going to get more glorious and sweeter. Life indeed is sweet.

I have always had this thing with me. Sometimes I enjoy being in my own space, hoarded by my thoughts, good thoughts, some worth sharing, and I think about this blessed idea of writing, Which I hope it has been quite educative or funny or blessed or just there to a few folks, yeah for such blessed and wonderful idea, And the strength and courage it took to put my thoughts down, yeah life is sweet .

I Think of the semesters I just had in school, We thank God for the first one, But most especially the second semester, Because before it started we heard stories, Quite anxious story, Not that I was, Never for a second was I scared of it, But we heard stories of the calculations and stress we were going to meet, Some of our senior colleagues made it sound so serious, Yeah it was serious, we knew we had to buckle up, but to me i knew it would not be something I couldn’t come out of standing strong, I believe my course mates felt that way too, yeah so life is sweet.

Sometime this year my roomie of life, My sister looked at me and said to me that she thanked God for the kind of friends he has given me, that she has seen them to be very helpful for me, being there when she’s not, and I never really thought much about it then, because I know for a fact that it was true, PS : it’s vice versa, before those mushins start smiling sheepishly, I have played the role of “Mr escort”, “Doctor”, “The therapist”, this I dida lot. I think I even had a case sent to me just two days ago, even yesterday, Lmao Sometimes I wonder why they do that because I feel I have nothing to offer, Am a very sweet person don’t doubt that, Anyways the point is, I think of my friends the semester, how they got my back, “The CAC”, and some special ones, The struggles we are going through together, the ideas this great minds not little minds have birthed, and I consciously think about our future, my future, how glorious and successful it’s going to be, indeed life is sweet.

Then I bring it comes down to society, how every aspect of what’s going on in the society today affects our day to day life, Still with all the good and bad going on in the society, My own view to this is that we keep continually Praying, working, yeah a lot of smart and hard working and Hoping for a better society, And to focus more on the good going on in the society today, Or you want to tell me you don’t know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is taking over the world, ‘yass’ I’m a Christian , Or you haven’t heard what lawmakers and writers are doing in the society today, ‘no ask me ohh go online’ Or you haven’t heard of how Afro beats has gone global , you can ask burna boy, Lol. Please sorry oh , what do I know. I know one thing though.

Life indeed is sweet.


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To my little girl.

So, I have this conversation most times, I talk about it mostly to myself, my pals and it’s about my unborn child, my daughter that’s yet to come. I would always tell them about how I would love for my first child to be a girl and wish she will be the type that will cling to her dad and also the type who wouldn’t let strangers carry her. Yeah, it’s weird right? I don’t know the reasons for this but maybe it’s because of my brothers whose first children are these wonderful girls that I love so much or I just fancy girls too much, I have no idea but when I eventually have the answer to this, I would be sure to share them.

Anyways my pumpkin, my little girl, I have thought about you more times than I can remember. There are times when I might be having a bad day or mood swings and I just seem to be restless but when the thought of you comes, it comes with peace for me. Also, there are times when I’m out and I see the unconditional love parents show to their kids, I know mine won’t differ. So thank you sweet pea. On this particular day, I was thinking of you and thought to write to you.
PS: Y’all can keep your premonitions and what if’s, about the child being a boy, being twins. I have heard them all but for any little one that comes, I will love them the same, the more the merrier.

So to my little girl.

To Stacy or Rose or Yvee or Mine (I’m yet to choose) or if I get to change your name to something else,
My beloved daughter in whom I will forever love, cherish and be pleased with, You have given me immense joy and happiness just by thinking of you. I have wished and prayed and continually pray for you.

For when God blesses me with you, it will take sometime, but I look forward to having you, I look forward more than anything in the world to the day your mum will bring you into this world. I look forward to that first cry of happiness. More than anything, I look forward to holding you for the first time and I look forward to the day you will call me dad and I promise, I will be ready to take full responsibility for it. You are not here yet but I promise before you come I will be totally ready for you, ready to hold your hands, show you to the world and tell them you are mine.
I promise to teach you to love always and never judge, to be nice, loving, prayerful, thankful, caring, forgiving and smart, bold and courageous and a formidable woman that you will grow up to be. I look forward to holding you always, watching you as you learn to crawl and walk, to taking you to school and picking you up any chance I get, to helping you with your assignments, teaching you to drive, to swim (even if I haven’t learned yet), teaching you how to cook (even though that doesn’t seem like my duty), Also how to play the piano (even though I’m yet to learn or will never learn). I promise to give you the best and proper advices about boys with a lot of your mum’s help here, the best advices about your studies and life in general.
I promise to be very watchful of every aspect of your life, to be very watchful of the gifts, talents and skills you will hone. Till you grow from a child, to your teens, till you will become an adult were at some point you would have to stop me from still checking and watching over you, claiming to be a big girl, even though I will never still fully stop, I look forward to them all and much more.

So much joy fills my heart when I think about the smile and big heart of mine you will inherit. When I think about all of the father and daughter memories we will share, going to church together worshipping and learning God’s word, All of your birthdays, oh God I will so load you with all kinds of gifts and presents, Your special 18th birthday, Watching movies together and sobbing to the emotional ones (I pray that attitude stops before your arrival), watching football matches together, my sure Barcelona fan, been wowed by the dribbles and skills and celebrating the goals, all of our play times and dancing, your graduations at school, I pray to be at all them if am chanced, Your matriculation and definitely I will be at you

r convocation or graduation from university or college. I’m overjoyed inside me as I think of my future and you in all of these moments.

I promise sweet pea that I won’t shed any tear as am called forward to have the dad and bride dance at your wedding, I promise not to shed any tear as I give your hands to the man that will have and hold your heart and hand for forever, which by the way will seem impossible, because of how much you will mean the world to me.
Thank you little one for blessing my thoughts, I hope to show this to you one day, if my premonitions are right.

I love you forever,

Let me tell you a story

When I was in secondary school, there was this very nice lady who sold a variety of sweet snacks – sausages, beef and beans pies, egg rolls, both fried and baked. I can remember that sometimes my friends and I would leave class the period before break time so that we could buy her beans pie and eat when it was still very hot. Oh boy, those snacks were delicious.

Sometimes, this lady will come with her son who I think was also in secondary school. He would come and help his mum with these chores during school hours when others were learning. Sometimes I would come out, say to pee or something else and I would see him with his mum working. On some occasions, he would be around even on his uniforms. We didn’t attend the same school though but when I saw this kid back then, I would wonder how he coped with school, how he would be able to further his education with what the mum was doing but then I never gave it much thought. I was still a kid, a kid in Secondary school, I had other interesting things to do; girls, football, my studies, the playing around generally and all the other Secondary school fun stuff, so I thought. I was never really worried. Eventually, he would find his way.

Fast forward to five or six years later, last month to be precise on a Saturday, studying for my first semester exams, I was in class with a colleague of mine and this lady walked into the class with her kids, one on her back and the other, would be between 3 to 5 years of age, walking before them. They came into the class picking empty bottles to make drinks (zobo or Kunu) to sell and I thought about the the kid from my secondary school days. This time, I was really worried, bitter, I wasn’t that kid in secondary school anymore so it stuck to me for a while. I was just lost staring at them even to the extent my colleague poked me and asked what was wrong. I had to share my thoughts about the situation with her and at the end of our short conversation, who to blame was left in our minds – the parent or even society? but at the end of the day, who are we to judge? As they left the class to another one to continue with their job, I resumed my studying still worried for the kid.

And so, the evening of the next day being Sunday or could be the upper Sunday (I think) I was going to school to study as well and behold! I walked past the kid in my secondary school, the same kid skipping class to help his mum with her snack-selling job. He was carrying some books with some friends all laughing and this was in the University of Port Harcourt axis. The same kid I wondered for but was never really worried about, he was definitely a student of the university. Oh Boy! I was glad, excited and happy inside me as I walked past them. Prior to this day, I think I was in a shop getting something still in UNIPORT area and I saw someone from behind walking down about a mile away or a bit farther from where I was but I didn’t bother to stretch or look much because he had gone far. Besides, one thought came like “what would he be doing here?” On this particular Sunday, there was no reason for doubt. I saw him clearly and even walked past him. He doesn’t know me nor do I him that much, he was just an acquaintance from my school days that I saw sometimes. Some would say that it could be that he wasn’t even a student of the university. After all, it was weekend and not a lecture day that I saw him but I wonder what a guy from Agbarho in Delta State was doing all this way at a university area.

It Still doesn’t matter anyway, because what I choose to believe is that the young guy is a student of the University of Port Harcourt, a consistent and hard working guy, who found a guardian angel, who was graced and favoured, who I would definitely talk to if or when I see him again and maybe share all these with him.

And as I proceeded on my way to class, I thought of that kid I met in class while I was studying helping out his mum with bottle picking and I smiled because inside me there was this conviction.I just knew he would be alright, his guardian angel was close by.


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How charmed I sometimes be, about the thought of love.

Love as crisps as the night air, cool and fresh like the scents and waves of the ocean.

How handsome and beautiful, this feeling is shared between two people.

Such affection, devotedness so unique and profoundly special.

A shared passion filled with so much imperfections and perfections.

This Enchantment of love, with all of its cheatings and scandals.

An attachment loaded with all of its betrayals and loyalty.

Love that sometimes require a lot bravery.

Love with all of his kept and broken promises.

Love with all of its beautiful and wonderful memories.

The warmth and sweetness of dinners, birthdays, picnics, outings, breakfast in bed, tours that couples share.

This feeling of love, that Sometimes come with starving stomach, sleepless nights, all of its sacrifices generally.

Sometimes this aftection towards another could just be buried in, for unseen and advantageous reason, even it hurts.

This Fondness of love that comes with alot of morning, afternoon and mostly, amazing night calls.

No Matter how many heartbreaks, divorces, broken relationships and how some folks in the world think or say about Love due to their own reasons.

Nothing beats how utterly captivated and smitten I sometimes be when I think about or see people that have truly shared this wonderful passion with all of its negative and positive features.

I come out with thoughts and smiles of this enchantment, truly I have been charmed.

I have truly been hypnotized by the thought of the sweetness and splendor of Love.

How unfortunate and an irony, that I am yet to have my fair shared experience, well, I guess there is a time for everything.

.M. 💝