My people my people! How are you all doing? I hope everyone is doing good? If I haven’t checked on you in this imposed break the pandemic has given to us, then I’m sorry. Consider this being me checking up on you. I would also have to apologize for not putting up a post in a while. I know it may seem like inconsistency or being lazy. But the truth is I write everyday or I try to. Sometimes, just a line or more. If you were to hold my phone and go through notes you’ll definitely get tired of scrolling. That is if you can get pass the locks (lol). Just too many stuff that I don’t even know what most are. I’m figuring it out though and trust me, it’s not everything I deem to be blog worthy. Some stuff I put down might just be too corny for your taste, too personal or just my insipid banters and I have no desire to bore you with any of those. So, I’m sorry. But I plan to keep us busy this month. Anyways enough of this boring talk. Can I disturb y’all just a little? Yeah, I’d get right to it.

Insecurities, hmm! A lot of things might to come to play in our minds when we think of insecurities maybe what I’m writing down today might not even be what you think it is or what you can relate to but I trust you would be able to comprehend some part of it. I hope so.

So basically insecurity is a lack of security. Insecurities are states when you are uncertain or not confident enough in yourself. We all know this already. But do you know or since we are all learning, let me rephrase, do you think insecurities can come in little things like one’s body, one’s ideas, skill? I will give you a random example; I would personalize it. Let’s say I have this slim or fat friend and maybe once in a while I like body shaming them or insulting them about how their bodies are. We are having an argument and I use it to gain points. Do you think that sometimes maybe not exactly this scenerio that I put it, that they may feel insecure about it? if it was me, I think I will. How insecurities come in here is that this friend might get home and start having this doubts in themselves. Probably start seeing themselves not for the beautiful beings they are but what they imagine their bodies to be like. Some may result to comparison amongst peers. Social media sometimes is just a no go area for this kind of insecurity. Before you see hot and steamy models with nice physique and banging bodies. I for one want broad shoulders, arms and all that stuff but my love for food will beat that wish everytime (lol). So try and lighten up.

Generally, I think one can be insecure about their bodies. I don’t know if you get me?

Okay, let me give another instance. This is something I can relate to, I’m past it now though. Let’s say you have an idea, a skill or a talent. You can sing, draw, paint even write whichever or how little it might be. Sometimes insecurities are the reasons some ideas stay just as an idea. Firstly, it might just be our personal insecurities. When you are just uncertain or feel you aren’t good enough. As much as we like throwing tantrums and blaming others, insecurities are first a personal issue. I don’t know about you but that’s just my personal opinion about the subject. So when you start having this doubts that idea might just end up an idea because of certain insecurities or for maybe different reasons as well maybe funds. That’s why sometimes we need lots of encouragement, the right motivation, positive influence and energy and that’s why a lot of persons beat this.
Secondly, in the aspect of developing that idea, that skill. There’s that smart ass always pulling you down maybe intentionally or unintentionally. Don’t get me wrong it is inevitable that in this process you might face different challenges not relating to insecurities, right. But other than self doubts it is just something else when an acquaintance or friend of yours come and says “you wan go write all those your ‘yeye’ stuff again” (lol) or in other cases, “he or she is just not good enough”, “he or she sings horribly”, “he has a terrible voice” , “dude can’t even paint properly”, “I do this better him/her” and so on that I can go on. This part can bring uncertainty or self doubts. it can hurt coming from a Friend.

PS: If I tell that my friend he said the ‘yeye’ writing to me, I don’t think he would believe or recall because he’s such a fan now. So lovelies let’s keep our dreams alive.

If you have read up to this point, Ahh! You really do love me. Thank you and I love you too.

Finally, insecurities in relationships. Gbam! (lol). The funny thing is when I thought about writing this, this was how it started. it was the first thing that came to my mind but I’m well aware of the other points i wrote about. I think they are even more reasons for insecurities. The subject seems broad and vague. But as I started writing, there was no way I couldn’t write about those, it just flowed. As for my friends expecting gist (lol). I have little knowledge or experience in this area. But I think it’s probably when babe or baby or maybe just a friend that is probably sending chills to your body is directing a certain amount of uncalled or unsuitable energy as you might feel to someone else, “abi🤔” . I don’t know oh. I’m single so what do I know. But personally, my opinion oh, I think in a relationship nobody should be worth (maybe worth is too strong a word but try get the point ) getting insecure about or losing your wits for. But wait before you attack me. I know that isn’t the case most times because the heart is the heart, It hardly ever listens to head. 90% of the time emotions will always beat logic. I won’t be writing about this if I haven’t felt like this before. But I believe feelings or emotions at some stage can be controlled or handled better. Anyways still on the matter, I really don’t know.

A smart lady once told me; when you love someone so much and have spent so much time with that person. You do literally everything, the little and the big together with this person, y’all are basically all over each other and you see the person directing that attention or energy towards someone else. Sometimes you just can’t help, it will sting.

So, my people my people I hope y’all enjoyed reading this. If you read a bit, you read half and mostly if you read all, I know it’s quite lengthy. Thank you so so much. If you can relate to certain part of this, please lighten up and let’s keep our dreams alive.

M ❤.

PS: Don’t forget to live a comment. Infact, leave a comment. This is too interesting not to do so. I would love to know how y’all handle your insecurities?
Stay safe y’all.


12 thoughts on “Insecurities

  1. This is such a cool post. I enjoyed reading it (yes, I read it to the end). Personally, I feel the biggest insecurities people have is about themselves; their outward appearance and how others perceive them to be. 😊


  2. Nice one dear…Majorly I feel the insecurities people have is about themselves because most times they want to try to please Everybody but at the end of the day you can’t please Everyone, you just have to Enjoy your Life and don’t let what people say count.. Just Stay Happy … My thoughts though…. #smiles


  3. Insecurity exists because of this illusion called perfectionism, perfectionism was created by people who are insecure but want to seem the exact opposite. So people who pretend to be perfect make people who know they aren’t feel insecure. The cycle continues.


  4. It takes a certain level of conscious and consistent self love to beat insecurities and yes we’re all capable of fighting till we feel confident…. From experience, I know… Great work


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