How charmed I sometimes be, about the thought of love.

Love as crisps as the night air, cool and fresh like the scents and waves of the ocean.

How handsome and beautiful, this feeling is shared between two people.

Such affection, devotedness so unique and profoundly special.

A shared passion filled with so much imperfections and perfections.

This Enchantment of love, with all of its cheatings and scandals.

An attachment loaded with all of its betrayals and loyalty.

Love that sometimes require a lot bravery.

Love with all of his kept and broken promises.

Love with all of its beautiful and wonderful memories.

The warmth and sweetness of dinners, birthdays, picnics, outings, breakfast in bed, tours that couples share.

This feeling of love, that Sometimes come with starving stomach, sleepless nights, all of its sacrifices generally.

Sometimes this aftection towards another could just be buried in, for unseen and advantageous reason, even it hurts.

This Fondness of love that comes with alot of morning, afternoon and mostly, amazing night calls.

No Matter how many heartbreaks, divorces, broken relationships and how some folks in the world think or say about Love due to their own reasons.

Nothing beats how utterly captivated and smitten I sometimes be when I think about or see people that have truly shared this wonderful passion with all of its negative and positive features.

I come out with thoughts and smiles of this enchantment, truly I have been charmed.

I have truly been hypnotized by the thought of the sweetness and splendor of Love.

How unfortunate and an irony, that I am yet to have my fair shared experience, well, I guess there is a time for everything.

.M. 💝


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