Moonlight, sunshine and sparkle

It was all jollification and celebration as she rounded up that chapter of her life. Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (lautech) was a vehicle she boarded 5 years back and finally, she had gotten to her destination. She was a graduate and it brought so much joy and happiness to her, her family, her friends and loved ones. There was no slowing down for her and she wanted to quickly move onto the next chapter of life. She had applied for the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) to oblige to her nations call of service for one year. As fate would have it, it would not just be a service to her country but a service to meet love and happiness coming her way.

In July the 7th month, 7 the number of completeness (as folks would say the day of rest), If she had received a premonition earlier stating she would find completeness and rest literally in human form that period of her life, I wonder what her thoughts would have been like. She entered Obafemi Awolowo University as she was posted there for work and as the days went by carrying out her service, on this faithful day the head of the department introduced them to the students undergoing their doctorate of philosophy degree in her field of study, Human Anatomy. And as she walked around exchanging hellos and sipping her coke, a young and handsome looking bloke with his dope polo shirt, baggy jeans and snickers approached her. As he got closer, he stretched out his hands for an introduction and names were exchanged. He was not your regular big guy with biceps and all but he looked good and was okay.

As the weeks went by, they would greet and exchange more hellos, winks, smiles and eye signals. It is known that the eyes are mainly used for sight but between them, their eyes played much more role than just sight. A lot of indirect messages were sent, some mouth watering telepathic signals, indeed something beautiful was cooking up and in one of their run ins, contacts were exchanged and there were more conversations between them. She was getting fond of him, what was there not to like about him? He was good looking, he was kind, he was very intelligent and hard working and even with all of his enormous work he’d always make time for her and generally, she had a thing for good boys. She was totally into him and there was nothing like the name’s he called her – ”My
sunshine”. How serenading the sound of his voice calling her that, such unique, vulnerable and safe feeling all at once.
On the other hand, who wouldn’t want her? She was smart, funny, intelligent, hard working and always happy with all of her liveliness. She was top notch, she said to herself. All that was left to say were his intentions towards her and she was sure of what she wanted.
Soon, they hit things off but it was on that fateful day at Spice restaurant at the university, he had called for them to go on a lunch date, admist all the sweet little nothings, flirtations, a lot of smiles and
laughters it was this words he used, in all of their life together that she would never forget. As they sat directly opposite each other, he looked at her consciously and with all seriousness and said “Kaffy, I don’t fall in love like the usual individual does, I grow in love and if you give us a chance I would love to grow in love with you”. Wow! Yeah, she was astonished. What sort of line was that? Who in the world would ask someone for commitment in such manner? As surprised as she was, it was sweet, she felt safe in those words that she could do.
As months went to years and issues and complications hit them from all sides, I wonder what she was more unsure off, the complications they had personally, that line he used or even parental issues, his dad wondered why he wanted to get hitched to a Yoruba lady. What in the world, she thought.

I can remember she said to me as I wrote, how charming ‘my moonlight’ Looked (Yeah, he wasn’t the only one good with names), I carefully did my own research to come up with that name (lol), With his clean cut, His dashing suit with baggy trousers (lol), His big grin and more of those telepathic eye signals filled with love and joy, and her smile as he recited his vows, for little whole me to be his wife, to have and to hold me, for better, for worse, in riches and
riches (winks, quite frankly I haven’t seen them poor), in sickness and in health, for the rest of our lives, He said. By now she was more sure of what she wanted, not a doubt, they had grown and were growing in love, with both parents and families by their side. It was indeed a day of rib cracking laughters, bliss and a whole lot of attire changing.

Sunshine, Moonlight, So many lights and after a year, Still in July the 7th month, it was time for those lights to spread. it was time for their light to Sparkle.

💝. M .

Hey y’all, happy Valentine’s, I hope y’all enjoyed reading as I did writing. And also I hope your Valentine is going way better than mine. Don’t forget to live a comment, Thank you.


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