To my little girl.

So, I have this conversation most times, I talk about it mostly to myself, my pals and it’s about my unborn child, my daughter that’s yet to come. I would always tell them about how I would love for my first child to be a girl and wish she will be the type that will cling to her dad and also the type who wouldn’t let strangers carry her. Yeah, it’s weird right? I don’t know the reasons for this but maybe it’s because of my brothers whose first children are these wonderful girls that I love so much or I just fancy girls too much, I have no idea but when I eventually have the answer to this, I would be sure to share them.

Anyways my pumpkin, my little girl, I have thought about you more times than I can remember. There are times when I might be having a bad day or mood swings and I just seem to be restless but when the thought of you comes, it comes with peace for me. Also, there are times when I’m out and I see the unconditional love parents show to their kids, I know mine won’t differ. So thank you sweet pea. On this particular day, I was thinking of you and thought to write to you.
PS: Y’all can keep your premonitions and what if’s, about the child being a boy, being twins. I have heard them all but for any little one that comes, I will love them the same, the more the merrier.

So to my little girl.

To Stacy or Rose or Yvee or Mine (I’m yet to choose) or if I get to change your name to something else,
My beloved daughter in whom I will forever love, cherish and be pleased with, You have given me immense joy and happiness just by thinking of you. I have wished and prayed and continually pray for you.

For when God blesses me with you, it will take sometime, but I look forward to having you, I look forward more than anything in the world to the day your mum will bring you into this world. I look forward to that first cry of happiness. More than anything, I look forward to holding you for the first time and I look forward to the day you will call me dad and I promise, I will be ready to take full responsibility for it. You are not here yet but I promise before you come I will be totally ready for you, ready to hold your hands, show you to the world and tell them you are mine.
I promise to teach you to love always and never judge, to be nice, loving, prayerful, thankful, caring, forgiving and smart, bold and courageous and a formidable woman that you will grow up to be. I look forward to holding you always, watching you as you learn to crawl and walk, to taking you to school and picking you up any chance I get, to helping you with your assignments, teaching you to drive, to swim (even if I haven’t learned yet), teaching you how to cook (even though that doesn’t seem like my duty), Also how to play the piano (even though I’m yet to learn or will never learn). I promise to give you the best and proper advices about boys with a lot of your mum’s help here, the best advices about your studies and life in general.
I promise to be very watchful of every aspect of your life, to be very watchful of the gifts, talents and skills you will hone. Till you grow from a child, to your teens, till you will become an adult were at some point you would have to stop me from still checking and watching over you, claiming to be a big girl, even though I will never still fully stop, I look forward to them all and much more.

So much joy fills my heart when I think about the smile and big heart of mine you will inherit. When I think about all of the father and daughter memories we will share, going to church together worshipping and learning God’s word, All of your birthdays, oh God I will so load you with all kinds of gifts and presents, Your special 18th birthday, Watching movies together and sobbing to the emotional ones (I pray that attitude stops before your arrival), watching football matches together, my sure Barcelona fan, been wowed by the dribbles and skills and celebrating the goals, all of our play times and dancing, your graduations at school, I pray to be at all them if am chanced, Your matriculation and definitely I will be at you

r convocation or graduation from university or college. I’m overjoyed inside me as I think of my future and you in all of these moments.

I promise sweet pea that I won’t shed any tear as am called forward to have the dad and bride dance at your wedding, I promise not to shed any tear as I give your hands to the man that will have and hold your heart and hand for forever, which by the way will seem impossible, because of how much you will mean the world to me.
Thank you little one for blessing my thoughts, I hope to show this to you one day, if my premonitions are right.

I love you forever,


18 thoughts on “To my little girl.

  1. Sometimes i usually have this imagination of having my own kids with my beautiful brown skin wife. Nice one bro, u gat me thinking marriage but i need to make some good money first.


  2. I love😭❤
    Words can’t say how much😩

    If *love* could kill, it’ll be this kind, Your kind. Its in abundance. Your unborn lil girl is so lucky☺


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