The Joys of Childhood

Hey guys! Hope everyone is doing good? So people usually ask me questions like this: What do you write about? Are you a poet?

The other day I got a call and the caller said to me that I should diversify. That I should write about different things. I think he meant societal, entertainment, business and maybe sports. Hmm! As for answers, I’m not a poet, I don’t even think I’m anything close to that but I have a genuine weakness and utmost love for poetry. And what I write about is basically just my thoughts. Obviously I can’t write about all of them but they are some stuff I just love to put down and some I want to share. So in essence I’m articulating my random thoughts. Life is journey and as I am moving and doing this, I’m trying to learn. I’m not studying literature nor taking any course in any aspect of literature. Sometimes I give my editors a real knack in head (lol) but writing is something I’m falling in love with everyday and as for diversifying we’ll get there, gradually.

Two nights ago I was sleeping and my mind flashed back to a younger self of me playing in the rain. You better not laugh; we all did. They were good memories that I enjoyed. And just last night I saw my younger self drawing this car. Don’t worry my niece already told me I drew rubbish. “uncle meru you don’t know how to draw a car” she said.

Back to my flashback. This time I woke up and smiled. It’s not that I could pin point exactly the time or even the age that I drew it or I was playing in the rain. But I know that there was a time in my life I did draw that type of car with some other horrible drawings and also played in the rain. So I thought to myself to write about it. Relive some childhood memories and most importantly connect it to us as adults and some issues we go through daily.

One of the joys of childhood you would agree that it is getting all they require or most of all they require. For a child their basic needs are being handed to them by their parents, people who cater for them or are responsible for them as the case maybe. I’m not naive, I know what is going on in the world today. I know not all children get as much as they require. I know they are less privileged children in some countries today, I know. But the point am trying to get to you is that the child don’t come with the consciousness that “I won’t get all I want” . They are not responsible for themselves. As their brought into the world they are being catered for.

Think about this. I will tell you some issues and challenges young adults or adults struggle with today in the world. Money, the need to succeed, peer pressure, relationships, heart break, depression, sexual activities, unemployment and so on. I believe we all know what they mean. If not grab a dictionary or google (lol), just kidding. Some of us might even have experienced or are currently experiencing one of all these factors mentioned. God is with us, Amen. But what I’m trying to say is that for a child, he/she is not worried or curious about any of this. You can’t be worried about nothing you have no knowledge about. They don’t care about those stuff. What they care about is playing around, having fun with friends, eating ice creams, eating biscuits and good food, reciting their rhymes, going to school, dragging the remote control with adults (lol) and we would agree that all these activities are relaxing. They bring a lot of peace of mind to you. Sometimes I look at my nieces, so much love and peace revolving in their world. No wonder Jesus calls them the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. (Mathew 18 vs 1-5)

When I was a child we were indoors a lot sneaking out to play when our parents left for work or just went out. I will never forget how we would dash inside with full speed at the site of daddy’s car. Sometimes seeing my mum coming back from work we could handle that, you know how mum’s are or should I say how my mum is. We would play gamebox, hot cake with the heavy and hot slaps attached to it, the races, football (this one is till thy kingdom comes), suwe (this one we drew lines on soil and limped on it, kicking and throwing objects), those stupid plays and dramas we acted in our rooms, hide and seek, cover beer (those games played with the covers of bottled drinks like soccer and the rest), who could forget war start. All the outings, picnics and visitations. One of my guys said passing exams without reading (lol). Mehn! Childhood was sweet, as sweet as sugar.

And adulthood isn’t always easy, true. But it is also sweet. Maybe not as sugary as childhood, maybe more like honey but it is sweet. Eventually I know children would grow to be adults someday and be handed the big box of adulthood and all its attributes. But today I got to relive some childhood memories and I’m glad that I did.

Time to go play with my niece with what’s left of the energy from writing this and trust me she will be down for it, her mind won’t even cross why I’m this hyped.

❤ M.

Thank y’all for stopping by and do live a comment. Let me know some of these childhood games and memories that is coming to you right now.


2 thoughts on “The Joys of Childhood

  1. Wow this write-up just made my day superb with all my old memories of childhood especially mummy and daddy play…. Keep it up bro


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