Hey guys! how are y’all? it’s been a while. Hope you guys are doing great, isolating, staying indoors and sanitizing.I just wanted to share some thoughts with y’all so let’s get down to it.

What are your thoughts about dreams? Mind you, I don’t mean the scary ones you see at night whilst you’re asleep or the ones where you’re flirting with a crush you will never talk to (lol). I mean your dreams about your achievements and things you would want to accomplish as you keep growing in life. Maybe another time we will talk about that crush of yours that you seriously need to talk to but right now, let’s delve into something else. I will share some conversations I have had with some folks and friends of mine for some time now. But before that I would want to ask, what’s your thought about dreams? basically should your dreams scare you?

So, I had this conversation with a friend of mine and she told me about how she broke down in the loo, crying. I asked why and she told me she was scared of her dreams and that anxiety just got a hold of her and she couldn’t hold the tears back. But I understood her point of view, where she was coming from. She had quite a lot of things to say about her achievements. She mentioned a few things she would want to do, how she would want to be so successful as a result of hard work and all this accomplished at an early age and to live a life of ease where she would never have to work too much or be stressed with work. As a result of those early hard working days and her success (I don’t know if you get me). But the question remained that she was anxious about those dreams and the process it will take to get to that place of rest she wants.

In another conversation I had with another friend, She talked about how she would want to have her own foundation where she would be of help to young people and the society, training and supplying basic needs for them.

”I want to go into interior designing and own event centers”. ”Mind blowing events centers” she called it where top members of the society, Politicians, generally rich folks get hitched or get their children hitched. She said if any major wedding or major event was to be held in the country then it definitely was her services that would be hired to handle the decoration. Yeah, big dreams!

This is another conversation I had with another Friend. This conversation came from a place of boldness. She spoke to me with so much courage and assurance. I envied how bold she was as we kept gisting. It was as if she was sure these things were waiting for her to come accomplish them, Dreams.

I don’t know what it is with Canada or about Canada that people just want to go there. My guy says he is saving up to go to Canada. He is an animator, a content creator and designer. He says he sees himself going to Canada and smashing a lot of opportunities waiting there. And then there is the nurse, a registered nurse I must add. She sees herself and her career going to Canada. She talks about taking her practice there. According to her, nurses are very well appreciated overseas and of course well paid.

Finally, there is the aspiring politician. I asked him one time what kind of a politician he wanted to be, the good one or the bad one? He said to me, ”my brother, there are no good politicians. I laughed hard.

But honestly, when I think about my own dreams, the places I want to be and the things I want to achieve as I grow, sometimes I get anxious. Anxious about other things that might come to play as distractions, anxious about the process. But mostly anxious about how big they are. Right now it seems to me like my dreams are beyond me. But I see it as if I can have those dreams, then I can be those dreams. And the answer to the question should your dreams scare you? for me, Yeah it’s possible. if your dreams don’t scare you or atleast make you anxious then I don’t know. Dream some more, sorry. But when that scare comes, when that fear comes. I draw strength from inspiration, inspiration from the Successful ones. And when it tries to get overwhelming, I draw strength from faith. Faith in God. My Faith over fears.


If you got to the end, thank you. If you skipped some part, thank you. Thank you so much. Please I would love if you could use the comment box. Just share your thoughts with me about dreams.Remember to stay indoors and stay safe!


33 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. So on point Bro
    I love it.
    Tbh my dreams scare me sometimes maybe because of its broadness and how far i want to go or maybe because i dream of doing something almost impossible but i know with faith hardwork connections and time I’ll achieve.
    Nice work!


  2. “I draw strength from inspiration, inspiration from the Successful ones”… I literally had chills reading this line 😊
    This was really thought provoking, in the long run dreams are very significant, it’s like you are tryna give your life purpose, the author of your own existence.


  3. Wow… a good read.
    Dreams to me are complex intact most times I feel scared and excited about them. Scared, that I don’t know what the future holds or what circumstances I could face towards making my dreams come to pass. But just the taught of the dream to be a multi-industrialized, knowledgeable person has always given me a huge sense of purpose towards life.

    An exciting blog I must tell. Thank you.


  4. Do you know that sometimes I don’t know my dreams!
    I have a lot but I don’t know when and when they are going to be accomplished maybe cos of my family financial status or so, but sometimes I look at it in an aspect of getting somewhere someday and using my own resources to finance them.
    TBH, dreams are scary… You dream it and the next thing, you start questioning yourself on how to accomplish them. As for me, my dreams are very Big and they scare me all time. I pray we all get to accomplish our dreams one way or the other someday. Meru, nice piece, God keep blessing you to keep up this good work. You just motivated someone✊✊


  5. Nice one 💜

    Well I have this very big dreams but I don’t think I am actually scared of it maybe because of I believe and have faith.
    Am I to dream more until I am scared?


  6. Nice piece dear
    Yesterday I did a reflection on my self at a point I became scared and tears was just rolling down and then I ask my self who are you
    I know God will not shame me
    I use to be scared of my dreams but not anymore my dear
    Cuz God will never shame us


  7. Our dreams are really scary. There are a lot of things I want to do but then I ask myself if really I can do them or if they are just outrageous and I’m just dreaming too big. I want a successful career in my field of study at the same time I dont want to be engulfed in it so I can get to do other stuff I’m passionate about. I believe time will fix all the puzzles though


  8. What a great piece, at times whenever I think of my dreams I get really scared, like I have too many dreams buh I’m like how do I get there, buh I know we serve a living God nd also faith so I know my dream will come through


  9. I don’t call it my dream.. I call it my “vision” and the plans are what wake me up so early and keep me up late at night… And yes it’s scary…


  10. The dreams about the new crush tho 😂, but yeah I think these dreams might be scary at some point, like what if I can’t be able to achieve them, what if my best is not good enough? What if I don’t even know what exactly it is…all these side questions can really be overwhelming. It’s really alot to think about.
    Nice write up ♥️


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