Life is sweet

Firstly, I apologize for not putting up any new articles on my blog in a while. I’m sincerely sorry. I had one hell of a semester with exams and all, which was successful by the way and for the two that were somehow, I know when the lecturer is marking, He’ll only see excellence (winks). I am currently resting at the bosom of my sweet Sister who cooks delicious meals. Shout out to Mama Sparkle!!

One of the reasons I had the inspiration for this topic, Life is sweet is that for the past couple of months, I’ve consciously noticed myself using the phrase. I’m yet to figure out where or how it came about but anytime I just think of all the challenges or events I might be going through at that period, I always notice my self using the phrase ”life is sweet”, meaning that no matter what, I will always come out of that situation or challenge I’m going through successfully or just come out of eventually. I think about some special moments and events I have experienced this past year and indeed, life is sweet.

I think about God’s unconditional and everlasting love for me, His forgiving nature, His provisions, His protection, His guidance, His outpouring strength to me on a daily basis and how this affects everyone connected to me and I just feel and know that indeed, life is sweet. God has made it sweet and for every reason that comes after this, it’s all Connected to God’s grace.

I think about the beautiful and loving family I have, My parents, My siblings, My nieces and nephew, I think about the joy they bring into my life, I think about my persistent and monthly disturbance to them, If you know, And how they responded, I can only hope and wonder what the future has in store for us which I know is only going to get more glorious and sweeter. Life indeed is sweet.

I have always had this thing with me. Sometimes I enjoy being in my own space, hoarded by my thoughts, good thoughts, some worth sharing, and I think about this blessed idea of writing, Which I hope it has been quite educative or funny or blessed or just there to a few folks, yeah for such blessed and wonderful idea, And the strength and courage it took to put my thoughts down, yeah life is sweet .

I Think of the semesters I just had in school, We thank God for the first one, But most especially the second semester, Because before it started we heard stories, Quite anxious story, Not that I was, Never for a second was I scared of it, But we heard stories of the calculations and stress we were going to meet, Some of our senior colleagues made it sound so serious, Yeah it was serious, we knew we had to buckle up, but to me i knew it would not be something I couldn’t come out of standing strong, I believe my course mates felt that way too, yeah so life is sweet.

Sometime this year my roomie of life, My sister looked at me and said to me that she thanked God for the kind of friends he has given me, that she has seen them to be very helpful for me, being there when she’s not, and I never really thought much about it then, because I know for a fact that it was true, PS : it’s vice versa, before those mushins start smiling sheepishly, I have played the role of “Mr escort”, “Doctor”, “The therapist”, this I dida lot. I think I even had a case sent to me just two days ago, even yesterday, Lmao Sometimes I wonder why they do that because I feel I have nothing to offer, Am a very sweet person don’t doubt that, Anyways the point is, I think of my friends the semester, how they got my back, “The CAC”, and some special ones, The struggles we are going through together, the ideas this great minds not little minds have birthed, and I consciously think about our future, my future, how glorious and successful it’s going to be, indeed life is sweet.

Then I bring it comes down to society, how every aspect of what’s going on in the society today affects our day to day life, Still with all the good and bad going on in the society, My own view to this is that we keep continually Praying, working, yeah a lot of smart and hard working and Hoping for a better society, And to focus more on the good going on in the society today, Or you want to tell me you don’t know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is taking over the world, ‘yass’ I’m a Christian , Or you haven’t heard what lawmakers and writers are doing in the society today, ‘no ask me ohh go online’ Or you haven’t heard of how Afro beats has gone global , you can ask burna boy, Lol. Please sorry oh , what do I know. I know one thing though.

Life indeed is sweet.


Hoped you enjoyed reading like I did writing, please use the comments box and tell me what you think about it. I again sincerely apologize for the long wait. We promise to do more – a lot of table breaking articles coming, stay tuned. Merry Christmas and a happy new year in advance.


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