April 28th

Why April 28th?
Firstly, This day marks the birth of a wonderful, caring and loving woman, who birthed someone special;

Someone very Beautiful, bold, generous, full of life and love, an embodiment of gifts and talent.”PS, her Egusi soup game is on point”

Madam I sometimes call her, with her infectious smiles and all of her naughtiness, madam who listens to me and respects me in her own funny way, someone that sticks no matter what, Someone with whom I share some of the best memories of my university days and ongoing. She’s my oldest university pal or so she says, she is my special special friend, just so we skip all the names that we have been called .

A friend that I have had the most quarrels in my life with and when I mean most, I mean numerous quarrels which she most of the time starts. Someone i have received a lot of comments, shades and threats for her.Someone whom my friendship with her has been threatened more times than i can remember, a friendship that hasn’t been without hurt, arguments, tears “Ps,I didn’t do the crying”, alot of joy and fun, she’s someone I don’t mess with.

She is that kind of friend nothing important in life happens without letting me know, whatever it is. Thanks for the trust babe. When I said we have some of the best memories, I was entirely honest. Loads of them both bad and good, from our pre-degree days where she would never let me and my phone be, to us being admitted to the same department even though she wanted another course to study, a sign of the start of more trouble which I have enjoyed I must add, our spaghetti and indomie days, the one she never cooks, who would forget being threatened by cultist and almost starting a cultist rivalry just because I was walking with a fine girl,

the Lot of our late nights, settling issues, gisting, strolling and all of her marriage corny gists.”PS not to me oo” and so many more.

She once said to me that she would want me to be her child’s Godfather and we laughed about it jokingly but that meant alot to me, more than she could possibly fathom because to an extent, She sees this so called filled with confusion, quarelling and sweet friendship as my guys would call it as something that shouldn’t end anytime soon but should go beyond the stage we currently are, which I find very kind and special.

But at the end of the day, as grown up folks will say about high school friendships and “sometimes” even extend to college friendships is that once you are done and you go out of the gate, you begin a new chapter of your life and most of the things learnt and people you meet will not follow behind.

That is why on this day April 28th, I wish and pray for you dear, all of your heart desires and wishes but something I pray so passionately for even as much as all i pray for you is that I carry you along as much as i can, and that this day, April 28th is one day that as the years, centuries, ages and as life in general passes with all of its craps and joys, is that i never ever forget this day, its significance and importance to me and by this, I mean you.

Happy birthday girl, lots of love.😍


Children And Parental Love.

Children are such beautiful creation that parents are abundantly blessed with, given the unique honour by God to have them. Sometimes personally, when i look at a child alot of thoughts invade my mind. its like my mind goes into an Examination where I have questions like “Do you know when the child comes he/she never goes,” “Are you ready for such responsibility?” They are not like any piece of property or possession of yours that at a time in your life you eventually give out or perphaps lose. Children are life long eternal courses that ones you adopt, you can never drop except of cause you are planning on being a bad parent.

So what defines a parents love? Poets say that love is an emotion we can’t control, one that overwhelms logic and common sense, so a parents love to a child should be a loving emotion they feel towards them that they can’t control and their devotion to that child overwhelms logic and common sense, that is of cause for good parents.

I was speaking to my niece’s mum sometime ago and we were having a conversation about something I can’t remember– sorry– and I noticed that I was talking to myself because she was lost in thoughts and when I succeded In getting her mind of it, she apologized and said she was thinking about Monday and preparing my niece for school because it was weekend and I remember that I said jokingly that this is how she will never have a full sleep because of early morning duties except only for weekends. This is just one of the many elaborate things parents do. They make sure children are being provided with a proper education and proper nuturing and feeding. They go out of their way to provide for their children all they require or need, even the very little things as having an eye out for their kids when they go out, say for shopping, visiting or any other trip, which by the way its not little to them.

The parent’s love is beyond magical, beyond love itself. I wish I have another synonym to use. It’s like a transcedent and futuristic love, one that allows the parent to be very watchful of how the child’s life and future enfolds down to thier youth and even beyond. The parents play a very important role in helping the kids’ life blossom beyond what they can think and do, could maybe even go as far to say the parents love for their kid transcends that of the relationship between spouses because when filled with passion and intimacy, they become fruits of that relationship.

And as much as we young individuals see children running around and playing and we would sometimes want to join in or carry them and be nice to them, we and even I would truly never understand what it means and takes until we bear children of our own because they come with much more than the playing, the noise and the running around which by the way is definitely going to happen.

So when I get drowned in those thoughts and when those questions of my mind’s examination plays in about children and I think about how so good my siblings and their spouses are with their kids, my neices(Sparkle and Divine) and my nephew(Zion) who played much of a role in the inspiration behind this piece and the love accompanied with how they treat them, it’s that love that pulls me out of those thoughts.

And I really do pray and know that one day when I have a child of my own, I will have the answers to those questions and more and I will be ready.